Thursday, June 30, 2016

#UberScam, Uber Harassment: How Uber Harasses Customers Repeatedly!

Listen, Axxxx!

Just woke up from an afternoon nap to see you letter staring out of my mobile phone. A most unpleasant experience! You have the audacity to write that "I would not be able to compensate anymore". Such a smug condescending attitude towards an outraged and infuriated customer. You continue to indulge in Uber-sadism! You disgusting specimens hide behind the Internet and send idiotic emails, when all you have to due is to get your Boss in Hyderabad to phone and apologize for the shock-treatment given to me. But you have the nerve to talk about petty monetary compensations! It shows your mercenary mentality! 

"Uber Cancellation Charges Scam" is what I am talking about. In March 2016 it was really horrible. The driver refuses to come in time; I have to catch a train for which I took a costly ticket; and I am put to the utmost tension. I had to take an auto to the railway station at that time, barely in time to catch the train. And you have the temerity to impose a cancellation charge of Rs 50. Only after lengthy correspondence you decided to waive it, but you did NOT. Because in June 2016 when I had to travel 20 kms to my destination, I find the cancellation charge of Rs 50 still outstanding. That's not incompetence; it's brutish sadism! I had to book an Ola Cab! It was costly, but Ola at least does not display that sneaky conniving reptilian behaviour of yours that plays havoc with customer's minds through fake cancellation charges! I can well imagine a nightmarish scenario where Uber drivers (or is it Uber itself?)  throw 'cancellation charges' like poisonous darts to harass customers! Surge pricing is bad enough,but fake cancellation charges is just a mean low-down dirty trick. 

You do not have a telephonic helpline. You are faceless, voiceless. You hide behind the Internet and play your dirty games. I hate your stupid insensitive bureaucratic emails (yours is the worst!). I am expecting an apology from your Uber Head in Hyderabad/India for the mental torture created for me through your scam of 'cancellation charges'. I'm scared now to book a Uber cab, because who knows, I may be inflicted with another horrible 'cancellation charge'. I feel Uber drivers (in collusion with Uber) are hitting out at customers who don't take their cabs (because of their supercilious/time-wasting/grossly insensitive attitudes!)

You Axxxx are unfit to write a gracious and apologetic email letter. Such courtesies are beyond Uber's uncouth Customer Support department!  I am going to tell all my friends and colleagues not to patronize Uber ever, especially because of your stupid email. What do you mean that "I would not be able to compensate you anymore"? What are you insinuating? I want an APOLOGY immediately, preferably in writing! 

Disgusted, Outraged, and Sick-with-Uber

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#UberSucks: Uber's Shocking Treatment of Its Customers in India

Read this letter (the latest in correspondence with Uber India). I think it explains everything. 

Dear Rxxx*, (That's a guy in the Uber Customer Harassment Department)

I'm sick of Uber. In March 2016, I almost missed my train (2 AC fare) because of the shenanigans of your Uber driver. You seem to take sadistic pleasure in harassing your customers. You did not compensate me for the shock and agony, but imposed Rs 60 as cancellation charges at that time. After lengthy correspondence in March 2016 itself, you agreed to waive the charges. But I did not take a Uber cab for 3 months because I was 'once bitten twice shy'! 

On June 26, because I was not keeping well, I had to hire a cab. I checked out my Uber app and was shocked to find the Rs 60 still outstanding. Immediately I switched on to Ola, and fortunately I could get a cab and could make an important trip outside the City. Had I relied on you, I would have met with another disgusting 'March' experience. 

When I returned home in the evening (by an Ola cab booked by my host) I found that you sent emails to me saying that the Rs 60 outstanding had been cancelled by you. But instead you imposed Rs 50 fresh cancellation charges for a mythical trip made by one NageSHAM at the unearthly hour of 3.28 A.M. I tried to contact you through Uber Support but found it very frustrating. Then I put up my plea on Facebook, but you ignored it. My friends also tried to help; you ignored them too. Then I got on to Twitter, and noticed that you were responding to tweets. Of course, you keep patting yourself on the back with posts and tweets full of compliments (from your Uber Staff) and pretending that things are hunky-dory when actually your treatment of customers in India is SHOCKING (to say the least!). You guys are adept at propaganda; but don't think you can get away with your bullying and harassment of poor customers through imposing mindless cancellation charges. 

Somehow, after hours of effort, I could access my Uber account and noticed the mythical trip and took a Print Screen shot of it, just in case. You have come up with a cock-and-bull excuse for that Rs 50 which you imposed on me. Now you say that you tried to call me but couldn't access me; that's a LIE! So you think by crediting me with Rs 150 you can get away with your bullying and harassment and the sadistic pleasure you get by imposing cancellation charges to tease and harass customers? 

I find your letters very callous and stupid (asinine describes Uber!). You have no ethics or principles, and are bent on fleecing the poor Indian customer. If I don't get a call and apology from your Manager in Hyderabad, I am going to make this whole messy Uber Affair public over the Internet, so that unwary and innocent customers don't fall for your glib and lying talk. Your attitude is condescending and arrogant. I don't think you understand English. You lack  basic courtesies. Your email replies are obtuse prevarications.(No wonder the Delhi CM took strong action against you!) 

Do you think we are cheap third-rate customers that a global 'start-up' like you can do whatever you like with us? Your lying, your stupidity, your arrogance, and the nerve you have to write such disgraceful emails, avoiding responsibility! I demand proper redressal and also compensation for the harassment you caused in March 2016 and now in June 2016. If you don't respond in a proper way, from somebody senior and decent enough, this matter will go right to the top of your Uber pyramid, and your Uber Boss will know what is happening to ignorant unwary innocent customers of Uber in India. This is nothing but high-handed and ruthless exploitation by a stupid corporate called Uber! You guys make me #Ubersick. Yes, #UberSucks!

Disgusted, Infuriated and Horrified by your Heartless and Apathetic Attitude


Monday, June 27, 2016

#Uberexit Should Follow #Brexit

What we need is an #Uberexit, just like #Brexit

I will tell you why. Just read this letter to Uber Cab Services.

"I still haven't got a response to this LETTER TO UBER sent on June 26, 2016.

“In the morning (June 26) when I opened my Uber app to book a cab I found Rs 60 outstanding. This related to a very bad experience with a Uber cab driver in March 2016. There was lengthy correspondence between me and you and you told me clearly that the Rs 60 had been waived.

“When I saw the outstanding, I decided not to take Uber and booked a cab by Ola. Now I find that I am billed Rs 50 for a ride that I never booked and which I never took in the first place. Incidentally your records show that that ride was taken at the unearthly hour of 3.28 AM by a driver named Nage-SHAM. If that isn't a SCAM or a SHAM, I don't know what it is!!

“You seem to be in the habit of deliberately harassing your customers. I get two emails from you later, saying that the Rs 60 outstanding has been corrected, the balance now being zero. And then you have the audacity to bill me Rs 50 again for a cab that I never booked. Are you making money out of your preposterous cancellation charges?

“You are causing great harassment to your customers by your callous and brutish practices. You DON'T have a telephone helpline to call; and there is no proper customer service even through email. The customer’s cry for help or support is a vain cry in the wilderness! This morning, if Ola had not bailed me out, I would not have reached my destination. I demand that you not only apologize for your brutish insensitivity, but also that you compensate me for the mental tension caused by your arrogance in billing me Rs 50 again after wiping out the earlier outstanding of Rs 60.

“Don't think you can get away with harassing your customers. I expect a proper response from you. Otherwise, this affair of your Crappy Uber Taxi Service will be brought to the notice of everyone on the Internet.


“A Disgusted Customer”

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just joined and I hope it's going to be a cool experience.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Psalm 2

The first question we ask ourselves as we read this Psalm is: 'Is there any word of grace in this Psalm?' How terrifying! We see the rebellious nature of man displayed in the uproar of the nations. The world wants to go its own way, as Cain went his own way 'out of the presence of the Lord', Gen 4.16! The nations will not bow down before Christ the King, God's Son, God's Anointed.

God has made a decree: 'I have installed My King upon Zion, My holy mountain.' He is the unchanging God. Jesus Christ is King. He has been given the nations as His inheritance. The Meek shall inherit the earth.

And He is going to put down this rebellion with a mighty hand. Break them, shatter them - how strong is the language here! How terrible is God's wrath and judgment!

But this is the gospel of the Messiah. He is not only Saviour, He is Lord. He is not only the God of grace, but also the God of justice and judgment. Therefore 'Worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling.' How can we reconcile this statement with what modern evangelists have been saying? How can we reconcile the God of heaven with a God who has created hell?

Because He is the eternal and immutable God. He is the Most High and Holy God. We must bow before the King. May God grant us a vision of the majesty and glory of Jesus Christ our Lord and King! How else can we worship Him? How else can we bow down before Him? We who are so prone to reducing God to our own puny level, to making a travesty of the One seated on the Throne by reducing Him to a babe in a manger, by creating a false sentimental Christ - we need this shock treatment! It is by knowing the terrors of the law that we can understand the value of mercy and grace.

How blessed are all who take refuge in Him! The cross takes on a new meaning after reading this Psalm.